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Grave Robber Rescue (80+)

Description: Kanemik the Grave Robber Leader, asks you to help him gather the Grave Robber Warriors who used to wander the Mithril Mines area before it was overcome by evil energy, and to have them escape from that place.
Start NPC: [Grave Robber Leader] Kanemika
Restrictions: No record of having completed this quest today

item Adena  - 65000

1Kanemika's Favor
Kanemika inside the Mithril Mines asks you to help his Grave Robbers can escape from that place before they become swept in by evil energy.\ \ Target for conversation - Grave Robber Warrior\
NPC: Mithril Mines Interior
item 10
2Return to Kanemika
You succeeded in rescuing the number of Grave Robbers requested by Kanemika. Return and report to him.
NPC: Grave Robber Leader Kanemika


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