High Five

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Birthday Party Song (31-36)

Description: The beautiful weather has inspired Melody Maestro Octavia to finish a musical birthday piece. Will you help her to store it?
Start NPC: [Melody Maestro] Octavia
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Echo Crystal - Theme of Birthday  - 25

1Red Crystal
Melody Maestro Octavia asks you to bring her some Red Crystals to hold a new song. Hunt Roughly-Hewn Rock Golems in the Floran Agricultural Area and bring back 50 Red Crystals.\ \ Monster to Hunt - Roughly-Hewn Rock Golems\
NPC: Floran Agricultural Area
item 50
2Return to Octavia
You've collected 50 Red Crystals. Return to Octavia.\
NPC: Octavia
item 50


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