High Five

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Take Your Best Shot (82+)

Description: If you want to go to see Seer Ugoros of the Tant you must first be given permission by Chief Investigator Johnny to pass Gatekeeper Batracos.
Start NPC: [Chief Investigator] Johnny
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Seer Ugoros Pass  - 1

1Challenge the Tanta Lizardmen Guard
Defeat as many Tanta Lizardmen as you can to get the attention of the Lizardmen Guard. Challenge him to prove to Johnny you have what it takes to face Tanta Seer Uguros.\
NPC: Plains of the Lizardmen
2To the Gatekeeper Batracos
You have defeated the Tanta Lizardmen Guard. Time to talk to Gatekeeper Batracos.\
NPC: To the Gatekeeper Batracos


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