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Stolen Dignity (58-75)

Description: The Iron Gate Guild is furious that the infernium ore that it needs to construct a warehouse has been stolen by monsters! They have asked for assistance in recovering the ore.
Start NPC: [Warehouse Keeper] Romp
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Recover Stolen Infernium Ore
The infernium ore that the Iron Gate Guild needs to construct a warehouse has been stolen by monsters. Recover the infernium ore and take it to Warehouse Keeper Romp. For every 100 units of infernium ore you take to him, you can play one round of bingo. If you win, you'll receive a prize from the Iron Gate Guild.\ \ Monsters to be hunted -\ Ancient Battleground: past knights, Hungered Corpses, bloody lords, bloody ghosts, dark guards, and Death Agents.\ Blazing Swamp: glow wisps, marsh predators, Hames orc snipers, cursed guardians, and Hames orc overlords.\ Fields of Massacre: wretched archers, grave liches, grave predators, spiteful soul leaders, and spiteful soul wizards.\ The Forbidden Gateway: crimson drakes, and kadios.\ Forsaken Plains: fallen orc shamans, and sharp talon tigers.\ Silent Valley: huge footmarks, Giant's shadows, past creatures, and soldiers of ancient times.\
item Unlimited


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