High Five

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Warehouse Keeper's Pastime (40-52)

Description: Trading is mind-numbing work! Freightmen must make up their own ways to kill time.
Start NPC: [Warehouse Keeper] Cliff
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Recover Warehouse Keeper's Medal
Some Warehouse Keeper's medals that were being delivered to the Town of Oren were stolen by monsters. Recover them and take them to Warehouse Keeper Cliff of the Town of Oren or Warehouse Keeper Baxt of Hunters Village and you'll be allowed to play bingo.\ \ Monsters to be hunted -\ Tanor Canyon: Nightmare Lords, Nightmare Keepers, Nightmare Guides.\ Watcher's Tomb: Hunter Gargoyle, Dust Wind\ Death Pass: Thunder Worm\ Sea of Spores: Rotting Golem, Giant Monster Eye\ Outlaw Forest: Hunter Gargoyle\ Hunter's Valley: Weird Drake\ Swamp of Fire: Tulben, Lord Conjurer, Conjurer\ National Cemetery: Grave Guard\ Forest of Mirrors: Karinkain\
item Unlimited


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