High Five

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Treasure Hunt (42-50)

Description: The legendary Pirate Captain Zaken left many legends and even more bodies in his wake! One story tells of his treasure, and it seems to be the one most people want to hear. Trader Espen can tell you more!
Start NPC: [Armor Merchant] Espen
Restrictions: Pirate's Treasure Map

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Decipher the Pirate's Treasure Map!
Ask Trader Espen of Heine to decipher the pirate's treasure map for you.\
NPC: Trader Espen
2Find the Pirate's Treasure Chest!
The pirate's treasure map has disclosed the location of the hidden treasure chest! Go to the place marked on the map.\
NPC: Pirate's Treasure Chest


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