High Five

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Fantasy Wine (20-25)

Description: Fathers would brave the fires of hell for their daughters! Guard Harlan of Dion is no exception.
Start NPC: [Guard] Harlan
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Fantasy Wine
It is the tradition of Guard Harlan's family in Dion Village to make wine whenever a new child is born. To celebrate the birth of a daughter, they plan to make fantasy wine. They need 80 leaves of eucalyptus and 100 stones of chill. Hunt Enku orc champions and Enku orc shamans.\
NPC: Dion Hills
item 80
item 100
2Return to Guard Harlan
You have collected all the ingredients. Take them to Guard Harlan in the Town of Dion.\
NPC: Guard Harlan
item 80
item 100


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