High Five

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Grand Feast (20-30)

Description: Chief Warehouse Keeper Lansfo has taken care of the warehouse at Dion for 40 years. Now he's been offered the promotion of a lifetime!
Start NPC: [Warehouse Chief] Ranspo
Restrictions: Completion of the Fantasy Wine, Adept of Taste and Bring out the Flavor of Ingredients quests

item Adena  - Undecided
item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Find the top quality wine!
Help Guard Harlan of the Town of Dion by obtaining and bringing back some top quality wine!\
NPC: Guard Harlan
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
2Music score for the festivities!
Meet with Musician Barbado in the Town of Dion and obtain the Musical Score - Theme of the Feast.\
NPC: Musician Barbado
item 1
3Obtain the Secret Recipe!
Meet with Jonas, a would-be chef, and obtain his secret recipe.\
NPC: Jonas
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
4Obtain the Recipe for Desserts!
Meet with Magister Rollant and obtain his recipe for desserts. He is located in the temple of the Town of Dion.\
NPC: Magister Rollant
item 1


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