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Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 (79+)

Description: Sobling's efforts are finally starting to pay off. However, he says that there is still room for improvement.
Start NPC: [Head Researcher] Sobling
Restrictions: Dictionary of Ancient Languages: Intermediate Level

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2
Researcher Sobling must go find the Wisdom of the Giants Text possessed by the Monsters in the lower layer of the cave in order to study Giants' caves. If you successfully collect these from 1 to 5 pieces, bring them to Sobling.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Series of degenerated Titans, Barif, Barif's Leogul, Ghamlin, Leogul\
NPC: Entrance to The Giant's Cave


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