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Whisper of Dreams - Part 1 (56-66)

Description: A dark chaos is about to descend upon the world! Seer Manakia received a warning in a dream, and is planning a ceremony to try and better understand the coming darkness.
Start NPC: [Seer] Manakia
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Watchman's Grave
Seer Manakia wants to perform a ritual to better predict the future. He asks you to obtain the items he needs. He needs 65 molars of cave beasts and 65 flames of death wave.\
NPC: Watchman's Grave
item 65
item 65
2Mysterious Stone
Take the sealed mysterious stone to Dwarf Torai near the entrance to Dragon Valley.\
NPC: Torai
item 1
3Onto Antharas's Lair
Show the mysterious stone to Seer Manakia. If you wish to help him, obtain the molars of cave beasts and flames of death wave he needs for the ritual.\
NPC: Seer Manakia
item 65
item 65


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