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Shrieks of Ghosts (59-71)

Description: The Tower of Insolence was built with the blood and bones of its many innocent victims. That place is haunted by the souls of those wrongly executed there! Would you pacify them?
Start NPC: [Seer] Reva
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - Undecided

1Ancient Ash Urn
Seer Reva of the Town of Aden asks you to find an ancient ash urn. You can obtain it by going to the Tower of Insolence and killing the followers of the evil Hallate. You will receive an extra reward if you bring back 100 ash urns at once. If in your search you happen to find an ancient porcelain, take it to antique dealer Patrin in the Town of Oren and get it appraised. Hunt Hallate's warriors, Hallate's knights and Hallate's commander.\
NPC: Tower of Insolence
item Unlimited


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