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An Elder Sows Seeds (28-42)

Description: The forbidden Spellbook, used to protect against the devil Beleth, immediately transformed the once-fertile land south of Aden into a barren wasteland. Now, at last, Elder Casian has hopes of rekindling life there.
Start NPC: [Elder] Casian
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 3600

1Find Kranvel's Spellbook
Great Magus Kranvel's Spellbook has been opened for the upcoming fight with Beleth. The magic power emanating from the book has destroyed fertile farmland and produced weird and grotesque creatures. Filled with rage and grief, Spellsinger Diena destroyed the magus's Spellbook. Rumor says it is now located in the Ant Nest. Elder Casian wishes to open Great Magus Kranvel's Spellbook again. Obtain the Great Magus Kranvel's Spellbook so he can recultivate the Wastelands. Kill Ant Recruits, Ant Patrols, Ant Guards, Noble Ants and Noble Ant Leaders.\
NPC: Ant Nest
item 1
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