High Five

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Jovial Accordion (15+)

Description: Music is the most beautiful form of expression! This musician, who calls himself a master of tunes, is looking desperately for someone who will play tunes togetherвА¶
Start NPC: [Musician] Barbado
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Barbado's Request
Barbado explains that he has long been an admirer of Swan's music and his fondest wish is to someday play a duet with him. Swan has not responded to his invitation, and Barbado has gotten the impression that Swan is avoiding him. Barbado asks you to visit Swan on his behalf.\
NPC: Bard Swan
2Swan's Errand
You are asked to run an errand for Bard Swan. Obtain a black beer from Jonas' box and deliver it to Trader Sabrin. Obtain a garment from Sonia's box and give it to Guard Xaber.\
3Consent to an Ensemble
Troubadour Swan has agreed to perform in an ensemble. Relay this news to Barbado.\
NPC: Musician Barbado


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