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Sorrowful Sound of Flute (15+)

Description: Music is the most beautiful form of expression! Even a certain lady of nobility with exquisite taste is helpless in its embrace!
Start NPC: [Musician] Nanarin
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Musical Score - Theme of Solitude  - 1

1Listen Carefully to the Dwarf
Dark Elf Nanarin, enchanted at the sight of Dwarf Barbado's bountiful beard, wishes to pursue a relationship with him but her pride keeps her from expressing her true feelings. She suggests you find out from the Dwarves in the village what he likes. Ask the Dwarves in the blacksmith shop and the warehouse.\
2Barbado's Favorites
You are finding out from Barbado's friends what kinds of things he likes.\
3Nanarin's Gift
Musician Nanarin gives you something to deliver to Barbado.\
NPC: Musician Barbado
4Barbado's Response
Describe Barbado's reaction to the gift from Nanarin.\
NPC: Musician Nanarin


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