High Five

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Bard's Mandolin (15+)

Description: Music is the most beautiful form of expression! A certain young man, shy and blinded by love, knows this all too well.
Start NPC: [Bard] Swan
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 10000
item Musical Score - Theme of Journey  - 1

1Swan's Flute
Bard Swan, a secret admirer of Musician Nanarin, wants to give her a rare and precious flute. He asks that you visit Trader Woodrow, an importer of flutes.\
NPC: Trader Woodrow
2Toward Giran Harbor
Woodrow explains that if you need an imported flute right away you should see Galion in Giran Harbor.\
NPC: Galion
3Received Flute
Take the flute you received to Swan in the Town of Dion.\
NPC: Bard Swan
4Swan's Letter
After looking at the flute, Swan asks you to deliver it to Musician Nanarin along with his letter.\
NPC: Musician Nanarin
5Nanarin's Heart
Tell Swan how Nanarin feels about him.\
NPC: Bard Swan


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