High Five

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For a Sleepless Deadman (60-67)

Description: The king's bitterness at his defeat was so great that it even transcended his death! To this day, he wanders his ruined castle.
Start NPC: [High Priest] Orven
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Eternal Rest to Soldiers of the Castle
Elmore's Knight Gustav is using the Undeads of the dead ones who tried to protect Aden. Bring their bones to Priest Orben of Aden to give him peace of mind. The bones needed for the ritual are 60 pieces.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Doom Archer, Doom Guard, Doom Servant\
NPC: Fields of Massacre
item 60
2Return To Oltran
You have collected 60 corpses. Take them to High Priest Orven in Aden Castle and perform the ceremony of purification.\
NPC: High Priest Orven
item 60
3Prayer for the Dead
Go back to see High Priest Orven after he has finished praying.\
NPC: High Priest Orven


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