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Go Get the Calculator (12+)

Description: Isn't it said that insanity always lies at the heart of genius? Blacksmith Brunon dreams of being first to visit the moon, but must have something first.
Start NPC: [Blacksmith] Brunon
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1To the Trade Guild
You must travel to the Dwarven Village to obtain a newly developed calculator for the blacksmith Brunon, who has promised a considerable reward. The Trade Guild will have information regarding the device.\
2Where is the Female Dwarf?
You learn that the calculator is in the possession of a female Dwarf, somewhere in the Dwarven Village. Go look for more information.\
3He is closer to you than you think perhaps?
Clues suggest that the device is closer than you think. Keep looking for more information.\
4I've got it!
Hmm... A female dwarf in Dwarven Village is in possession of the calculator and the person is closer than I think? I've got it! I know the answer!\
5Silvera's Request
Blacksmith Silvera will give you the calculator in exchange for 10 gemstone beasts.\
item 10
6New Model Calculator
Take the calculator to blacksmith Brunon.\
NPC: Blacksmith Brunon


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