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Subjugation of Lizardmen (17-21)

Description: Whilst beset from all directions, yet another force has begun threatening Gludio! Lizardmen have begun looting and pillaging throughout the land! Destroy them and restore the peace!
Start NPC: [Guard] Weisz
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - Undecided

1Subjugation of Felim Lizardmen
Guard Weisz's orders state that you must recover the cargo that belongs to the Aden trade union from the Felim Lizardmen in the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds. Recover 30 units of cargo from the Felim Lizardmen, Felim Lizardman scouts and Felim Lizardman warriors.\
NPC: Fellmere Harvesting Grounds
item 30
2Pilgrims' Remains
The priests of Einhasad request that you retrieve the relics of pilgrims killed by Lizardmen. Go to the temple in Gludin Village and meet with Priest Adonius.\
NPC: Priest Adonius
3Agnes' Relics
Recover Priestess Agnes' rosary and crucifix from the Langk Lizardmen on the southeast shore of Gludio.\
NPC: Langk Lizardman Dwellings
item 1
item 1
4For the Peace and Safety of Gludio
Priest Adonius requests your assistance in a matter vital to the security of the people of Gludio. Meet with High Priestess Levian at the Einhasad Temple.\
NPC: High Priestess Levian
5Slay Bifrons
You must destroy the evil spirit Bifrons, recover the black mark from the box he protects and take it to High Priestess Levian. Bifrons can be found lurking on the south shore of Gludio.\
NPC: Evil Spirit Bifrons
6Ominous Totem
Take the black mark from Bifron's box to High Priestess Levian in Gludin Village.\
NPC: High Priestess Levian
7Return to Weisz
You have fulfilled all the requests made of you by Einhasad Temple. Now return to Guard Weisz.\
NPC: Guard Weisz


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