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The Song of the Hunter (35-59)

Description: The Hunter's Guild has a long, romantic history, and has always been in the dreams of youths who seek adventure. Whether they choose to hunt criminals or monsters! It's definitely not an easy task to join the Hunter's Guild.
Start NPC: [Guild Member] Grey
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - Undecided

1Test of the Hunter's Guild
Grey of the Hunter's Guild tells you about the union and says that in order to join, you must pass a test to obtain a hunter's license. Bring back three or more of the items listed on the test to receive a circle 1 hunter's license. Those in possession of such a license may carry out various missions for the guild.\
2Hunting as a 1st Circle Member
You now have the 1st circle hunter license! You can now receive and carry out hunting requests. Visit Hunter's Guild Member Tor and confirm the orders. Or, you could go and meet people that hire hunters.\
3Hunting as a 2nd Circle Member
You now have the 2nd circle hunter license! You're now authorized to receive and carry out the hunting requests that are the purvey of 2nd circle hunters. Visit Tor and confirm the list of orders, or you could go and meet people that hire hunters.


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