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Vanquish Remnants (21-30)

Description: The Black Lion Mercenaries are seeking volunteers to help rid the kingdom of the last of the filthy Gracian invaders! After their humiliating defeat, most of the Gracians returned home, but a few stragglers stayed behind to loot and pillage. Stand with the Black Lion against the filthy invaders!
Start NPC: Leopold
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - Undecided

1War with the Ol Mahums
The Black Lion Mercenaries, hired by the Lord of Gludio to dispose of the Ol Mahums, have performed very poorly. Having suffered massive losses, they are recruiting skilled fighters to join their battle against the Ol Mahums. Defeat the Ol Mahums and collect their badges as proof. Leopold will reward you.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Ol Mahum patrols, Ol Mahum guards, Ol Mahum stragglers, Ol Mahum shooters, Ol Mahum captains, Ol Mahum recruits, Ol Mahum suppliers, and Ol Mahum generals.\
NPC: Abandoned Camp
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
item Unlimited


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