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Sweetest Venom (18-23)

Description: Dark Elves are very fond of dreviant wine, a drink made from the venom of spiders. Astaron, a master brewer, offers to make some for you if you'll bring him the ingredients he needs.
Start NPC: Astaron
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 5810

1Dreviant Wine
Astaron explains that dreviant wine is brewed from spider venom. He wants to use grapes imported from Gludio a while back by Trader Vollodos. He asks that you obtain 10 spider venom sacs which are the most difficult to find among the ingredients he needs. Hunt spiders in the Dark Forest and return the sacs to Astaron for a reward. Hunt Venomous Spiders, Arachnid Trackers and Prowlers.\
NPC: Spider Nest
item 10
2Return to Astaron
You've collected 10 spider venom sacs. Take them to Astaron so he can make dreviant wine.\
NPC: Astaron


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