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Bones Tell the Future (10-18)

Description: Tetrarch Kaitar predicts the future with dead men's bones. He foresees an approaching darkness that threatens to destroy all the races! He needs a secret ingredient containing awesome death energy to fully understand the prophecy.
Start NPC: [Tetrarch] Kaitar
Restrictions: Dark Elf

item Adena  - 8470

1Dead Men's Bones
Tetrarch Kaitar tells the future by throwing the bones of the undead. He performs a monthly reading to predict any imminent threat to the Dark Elves. He needs more bone fragments of the undead and asks you to go and collect 10 of them for him. You can obtain them by going to the School of Dark Arts and slaying skeletons.\
NPC: School of Dark Arts
item 10
2Return to Tetrarch Kaitar
You have collected 10 bone fragments from the undead skeletons. Take them to Tetrarch Kaitar and claim your reward.\
NPC: Tetrarch Kaitar


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