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Destroy Plague Carriers (18-24)

Description: The Elves have never forgiven the ratmen for introducing plague into their sacred Elven Forest. Not to mention their unholy alliance with the Dark Elves that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Elves! Master Ellenia is recruiting volunteers to destroy the filthy beasts.
Start NPC: [Master] Ellenia
Restrictions: Elf

item Adena  - Undecided

1Plague Carriers
The ratmen, known by Elves as "the plague carriers," were responsible for an epidemic in the Elven Forest and once fought on the side of the Dark Elves. Understandably, the Elves harbor great bitterness towards them. Master Ellenia asks you to kill the ratmen that are nesting in the Elven Underground Fortress. You must especially destroy Varool Foulclaw, their boss, and bring her back his fangs as proof. She has promised you a reward. Hunt the sukar wererats, the sukar wererat leaders and Varool Foulclaw.\
NPC: Elven Fortress
item Unlimited
item 1


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