High Five

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Collect Spores (8-13)

Description: The Sea of Spores was created by an evil magic set loose in the Great War over 2000 years ago! The evil poison has endured through the millenni and even now is crossing the mountains, making its way straight towards the Elven Forest! The Elves are frantically trying to find a way to stop it.
Start NPC: [Grocer] Herbiel
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 3500

1Research of Spores
The Elven Forest is being slowly contaminated by the poisonous Sea of Spores. The Elven Hierarchs are researching a neutralizer with the aid of Trader Herbiel. Herbiel asks for spore powder, essential to the research. Collect 10 spore sacs from spore fungi found in the Elven Forest and take them to Herbiel.\
NPC: Elven Forest
item 10
2Return to Trader Herbiel
You've collected 10 spore sacs. Take them to Trader Herbiel of the Elven Village so that they can be used for spore research.\
NPC: Trader Herbiel


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