High Five

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Only What Remains (81+)

Description: Bounty Hunter Kintaijin, who is staying near the Stakato Nest, asks you to hunt the Spike Stakatos in the nest and to collect the mysterious items.
Start NPC: [Bounty Hunter] Kintaijin
Restrictions: I'm the Only One You Can Trust quest in Progress

item Growth Accelerator  - Undecided
item Multi-colored Jewel  - Undecided

1Dirty Beads
Bounty Hunter Kintaijin has asked you to retrieve the Dirty Beads stolen by Billy Haari. The beads can be found in the corpses of Spiked and Cannibalistic Stakatos. Collect 500, then return to Kintaijin to claim your reward.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Spiked Stakato, Cannibalistic Stakato\
NPC: Stakato Nest
item -500


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