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For a Good Cause (82+)

Description: Elf and apprentice Atra in the Ritual Site of Purge are worried about the changes taking place lately in the reed fields area of Innadril. As such, he is seeking skilled adventurers who will hunt the Mucrokians in the reed field area...
Start NPC: [Apprentice] Atra
Restrictions: Not participating in the Reed Field Maintenance quest

item Flexible Reward  - Undecided

1Purging the Fields
The filthy Mucrokians are contaminating the beautiful fields of Innadril. Atra has asked that you eradicate as many of these vermin as possible. In exchange for their hides, he will give you a valuable reward.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Mucrokian Fanatics, Mucrokian Ascetics, Mucrokian Saviors, Mucrokian Preachers, Awakened Mucrokians and Contaminated Mucrokians\
NPC: Field of Silence / Field of Whispers
item Unlimited
item Unlimited


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