High Five

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Collect Arrowheads (10-14)

Description: Master Minia is a collector of odd weapons from diverse cultures. She has recently begun collecting the weaponry of Turak Orcs, native to Talking Island.
Start NPC: [Master] Minia
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 1000
item Exp  - 2000

1Tunath Orcs' Bow
Master Minia of the Fighters Guild is a collector of odd weapons. She has recently become interested in the weaponry of the Tunath Orc marksmen, and asks you to retrieve their arrowheads in the Elven Ruins.\
NPC: Elven Ruins
item 10
2Return to Master Minia
You've collected 10 arrowheads from Tunath Orc marksmen. Take them to Master Minia of the Fighters Guild in Talking Island Village.\
NPC: Master Minia


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