High Five

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Leto Lizardmen Hunting (34-39)

Description: Defeat the Leto Lizardmen that have increased suddenly!
Start NPC: [Guard] Rath
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Hunt Leto Lizardman
Leto Lizardmen on the Plains of the Lizardmen are behaving very strangely. Don't interrupt their ritual, but destroy them, except their Shamans.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Leto Lizardmen, Leto Lizardman Archers, Leto Lizardman Soldiers, Leto Lizardman Chiefs and Leto Lizardman Warriors\
NPC: Plains of the Lizardmen
item 60
2Collection of Lizardmen's Bracelets Completed
You've collected all the evidence that you hunted Leto Lizardmen. Hurry up and take them to Guard Rath.\
NPC: Guard Rath
item 60


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