High Five

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Gather Ingredients for Pie (34-40)

Description: To make a special pie for this weekend's banquet, help Emily collect honey from bees.
Start NPC: Emily
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Collecting Honey Pouches
Mrs. Emily wants to bake a pie for the tea party at the temple this weekend. Collect honey from wasps in the Beehive area.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Wasp Leaders and Workers\
NPC: Bee Hive
item 100
2Collection of Honey Pouches Completed
After much hard work, you've collected 100 pouches of honey. Deliver them to Mrs. Emily.\
NPC: Emily
item 100
3Fetch the Spices
Mrs. Emily asks you to get spices from Miss Lara for her. You wouldn't go to the trouble if she wasn't so pitiful.\
NPC: Lara
item 1
4Deliver the Spices
You've got the spices from Miss Lara. Now return to Mrs. Emily.\
NPC: Emily
item 1
5Fetch the Fruit Basket
Mrs. Emily asks you to get the fruit basket from Bright. You wouldn't help her if she wasn't so old and frail, would you?\
NPC: Guard Bright
item 1
6Deliver the Fruit Basket
Bright tells you to deliver the fruit basket to Mrs. Emily. How can they expect a mercenary like you to deliver fruit to a hobbled old lady?\
NPC: Emily
item 1


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