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Gatekeeper's Favor (15-21)

Description: Since Gatekeeper Wirphy began using the technology of the ancient Titans, he's had more business than he can handle! Now he's in need of some special ingredients to recharge his energy source.
Start NPC: [Gatekeeper] Wirphy
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Gatekeeper Token  - 2

1Collect Starstones
Gatekeeper Wirphy of the Dwarven Village is made from the technology of ancient giants. She is exhausted after teleporting a large group of traders. She asks you to collect 20 Starstones, the ancient giants' source of energy, and bring them to her. Hunt the whinstone golems.\
NPC: Western Mining Zone
item 20
2Wirphy's Energy Source
You have obtained 20 Starstones. Take them to Gatekeeper Wirphy in Dwarven Village.\
NPC: Gatekeeper Wirphy


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