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Dreaming of the Skies (11-15)

Description: Arin of the Black Anvil Guild has long dreamed of flying, and is now studying the ancient technology of the Titans in pursuit of his goal. But he must first find a monster with a floating stone.
Start NPC: [Black Anvil's] Arin
Restrictions: No Requirements

item SP  - 500
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Collect Floating Stones
Elder Arin, leader of the Black Anvil Guild, has long dreamed of mastering the technology of the Titans and developing the ultimate flying machine. He requires research materials. He asks you to collect 50 floating stones and bring them to him. These stones may be obtained by hunting magical weavers.\
NPC: Western Mining Zone
item 50
2Return to Arin
You have collected 50 floating stones. Take them to Elder Arin of the Black Anvil Guild in Dwarven Village to claim your reward.\
NPC: Black Anvil's Arin.


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