High Five

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Covert Business (10-16)

Description: The Bronze Key Guild has dealt in rare ingredients for millennia. They're looking for someone to hunt bats for an important client.
Start NPC: [Bronze Key's] Keef
Restrictions: Dwarf

item SP  - 600
item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Hardin's Request
The notorious Black Mage Hardin has asked the Bronze Key Guild to gather bat fangs. For unknown reasons Elder Keef has accepted this request and begun covert dealings with Hardin. Hardin has asked them to slay blade bats or barbed bats and bring back 100 of their fangs. It's dirty work, but the warriors of the guild are happy to do it. You must be very discreet. Hunt blade bats and barbed bats.\
NPC: Western Mining Zone
item 100
2Return to Bronze Key's Keef
You've collected 100 bat fangs. Hurry and take them to Elder Keef of the Bronze Key Guild before anyone sees you.\
NPC: Bronze Key's Keef


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