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The Hidden Veins (6-15)

Description: Elder Filaur, an expert in the construction and mining business, has learned that Otuk Orcs have recently discovered a long-lost chrysolite mine.
Start NPC: [Gray Pillar Member] Filaur
Restrictions: Dwarf

item Adena  - Undecided
item Bonus Reward  - Undecided

Elder Filaur of the Gray Pillar Guild asks you for help in searching for hidden Chrysolite veins. Defeat the Utuku Orcs and bring the Chrysolite Ore they possess to receive a reward. Also collect the four pieces of the map that reveals the location of the vein, and take them to Maphr Priestess Chichirin who will put them together for you. Then, take the map to Elder Filaur to claim a great reward. Hunt Utuku Orcs, and Utuku Orc Grunts in Frozen Valley. Hunt Utuku Orc Archers in the Western Mining Zone.\
item Unlimited
item Unlimited
item Unlimited


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