High Five

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Revenge of the Redbonnet (4-8)

Description: As a child, Maryse Redbonnet narrowly escaped being eaten by wolves. Her family was not so lucky. She has sworn revenge on all wolves!
Start NPC: Maryse Redbonnet
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Maryse's Anger
Maryse Redbonnet lost her family and very nearly her own life to wolves as a child, and therefore burns with hatred for them. She asks that you hunt the black wolves around the village, gather forty of their pelts and bring them back to her. She will reward you with her grandmother's heirloom.\
NPC: Frozen Valley
item 40
2Maryse's Revenge
As Maryse Redbonnet requested, you've hunted wolves and collected 40 wolf pelts. Take them to her.\
NPC: Maryse Redbonnet


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