High Five

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Fabulous Feathers (17-23)

Description: Nouveau Chic Kamael Village! Lavish accessories made from native Muertos Feathers are said to be all the rage in the capital city.
Start NPC: [Weapon Merchant] Erinu
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 4160

1Cave Muertos
Feathers from the Muertos that dwell within Nornil's Cave are a hot ticket item right now! Defeat Captain-class Muertos to collect 80 feathers for Trader Erinu in Kamael Village.\ \ Monsters to be hunted - Cave Muertos Guard Captain, Cave Muertos Warrior, Cave Muertos Archer, Cave Muertos Commander, Cave Muertos Wizard\
NPC: Nornil's Cave
item 80
2Return to Erinu
You have collected the 80 Captain Muertos Feathers that Erinu requested. Return to Trader Erinu.\
NPC: Trader Erinu


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