High Five

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Gatekeeper's Offering (15-21)

Description: Gatekeeper Tamil must make an offering to a totem of spider in order to complete his teleportation studies at the Ivory Tower.
Start NPC: [Gatekeeper] Tamil
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Gatekeeper Charm  - 2

1Collect Starstones
Gatekeeper Tamil says that in order to complete his teleport magic, he needs the aid of the totem spirit of the spider. To get this, he must make regular offerings. He asks you to collect 20 Starstones from the greystone golems. He will reward you with a token for a free teleportation to Gludin.\
NPC: Northern Immortal Plateau
item 20
2Return to Gatekeeper Tamil
You've collected 20 Starstones by knocking down Greystone Golem. Bring them to Gatekeeper Tamil and have a new ritual ceremony.\
NPC: Gatekeeper Tamil


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