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Totem of the Hestui (15-21)

Description: The gray bear totem, longtime guardian of the Hestui Tribe, is under attack from the forces of the evil spirit Kasha! Save the gray bear totem from its grisly fate!
Start NPC: [Seer] Tanapi
Restrictions: Orc

item Leather Pants  - 1
item Totem of Hestui  - 1

1Purification of the Grizzlies
Many gray bears on the Immortal Plateau have recently become possessed with the evil spirit of Kash the spirit of death and decay. This worries Seer Tanapi, who explains that the gray bear is the protective totem of the Hestui Orc tribe. He asks you to kill the possessed gray bears and put their souls to rest. While hunting kasha bears, you will run into the Kasha bear totem spirit. Kill it and take the proof to Seer Tanapi. Hunt Kasha bears and Kasha bear totem spirits.\
NPC: Northern Immortal Plateau
item 1
2Return to Seer Tanapi
You've obtained the crystals of the Kasha bear totem spirits! Take them to Seer Tanapi.\
NPC: Seer Tanapi


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