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Dark Winged Spies (11-15)

Description: The time has come for the traitor Baranka to pay for his crimes. Destroy the darkwing bats who spy on the tribes of the kingdom.
Start NPC: [Neruga Chief] Tantus
Restrictions: Orc

item Adena  - 4550

1Baranka's Messenger
Baranka is plotting the destruction of the Orc kingdom. He's using darkwing bats to spy on the Orcs. The Magisters have requested darkwing bat fangs in order to protect their territories from the approaching beasts. Neruga Chief Tantus has asked that you hunt darkwing bats and bring back seventy of their fangs. Hunt darkwing bats and Baranka's trackers.\
NPC: Northern Immortal Plateau
item 70
2Return to Neruga Chief Tantus
You've collected 70 darkwing bat fangs that can be used to stop Baranka's influence. Take them to Neruga Chief Tantus and set up a magic force field that will block Baranka's spell.\
NPC: Neruga Chief Tantus


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