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Wrath of Ancestors (5-16)

Description: Those impudent goblin grave robbers have insulted the ancient spirits for the last time! There's no longer any reason to put up with their insolence! Let them now taste Orcish steel!
Start NPC: [Seer] Livina
Restrictions: Orc

item Adena  - 1500

1The Terrible End of a Grave Robber
Seer Livina says that the spirits of the ancestors have been angered by repeated desecrations of Utuku graves by goblin grave robbers. Kill the goblin grave robbers and bring back fifty of their heads. Only then can Seer Livina perform a ritual that will calm the anger of the ancestors. You will find the goblin grave robbers in Valley of Heroes and the goblin tomb raider leaders on the northern Immortal Plateau.\
item 50
2Return to Seer Livina
You have collected 50 heads of goblin grave robbers. Take them to Seer Livina.\
NPC: Seer Livina


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