High Five

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Pleas of Pixies (3-8)

Description: Many keltir and wolves have grown unusually large in the Elven Forest, and are now breaking the rules of nature by devouring nesting birds! The Pixy Queen is preparing some special magic to deal with them.
Start NPC: Pixy Murika
Restrictions: Elf

item Random Reward  - Undecided

1Collect Fangs
The Queen of the Pixies is preparing a spell to protect nesting birds in the Elven Forest from keltirs and wolves. Pixy Murika has been ordered to collect the ingredients needed. She asks you to bring her 100 red keltir or gray wolf fangs. She will reward you with a sparkling stone that was found in the forest. Hunt young red keltirs, red keltirs, elder red keltirs and gray wolves.\
NPC: Shadow of the Mother Tree
item 100
2Return to Pixy Murika
You have collected 100 fangs. Take them to Pixy Murika so that the birds in the Elven Forest can be protected.\
NPC: Pixy Murika


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