High Five

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Collector's Dream (15-21)

Description: Alshupes, an amateur zoologist, has a particular interest in the skins and claws of rare animals. He pays a reward to whoever brings him the legs of the giant mutant spiders that lurk near the village.
Start NPC: Alshupes
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Adena  - 1000
item Exp  - 2000

1Collect Spider Legs
Alshupes, a collector of unusual claws and pelts, is interested in giant spiders. He asks you to bring him eight legs of crimson spiders, hook spiders or pincer spiders.\
NPC: Elven Forest
item 8
2Return to Alshupes
You have collected eight legs of giant spiders. Take them to Alshupes to receive your reward.\
NPC: Alshupes


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