High Five

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LevelsName, descriptionNPCRestrictionsReward
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Gludio
You must earn support from people of Gludio to become their Lord. But how?
[Chamberlain] SayresNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Dion
You must earn support from people of Dion to become their Lord. But how?
[Chamberlain] CrosbyNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Giran
You must get support from those who are very influential in the Giran territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?
[Chamberlain] SaulNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Innadril
You must earn support from people of Innadril to become their Lord. But how?
[Chamberlain] NeurathNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Oren
You must get support from those who are very influential in the Oren territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?
[Chamberlain] BrasseurNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Aden
You must get support from those who are very influential in the Aden territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?
[Chamberlain] LoganNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Schuttgart
You must get support from those who are very influential in the Schuttgart territory in order to be a Lord. How do you gain the support from them?
[Chamberlain] AugustNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Goddard
You have to reduce the power of Varka Silenos in order to become a Lord of Goddard. But How?
[Chamberlain] AlfredNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Path to Becoming a Lord - Rune
You must get support from those who are very influential in the Rune territory in order to be a Lord of Rune. How do you gain the support from them?
[Chamberlain] FrederickNo Requirements
item Undecided
0+Blood Offering
Kill as many evil creatures as possible within 18 minutes!
Not definedLevel appropriate group. Only available during SSQ Competition Period.
item Undecided
1-80Quest for Fishing Shot
Members of the Fishermen's Guild in each village are known for making fishing shots from a sweet fluid that the water spirits like.
Not definedNo Requirements
item Undecided
3+The Food Chain
A growing number of Grey Keltir and Black Wolves are gathering around the entrance to Kamael Village. Unless they are stopped, they may attract even more dangerous predators who would pose a grave danger to the town's inhabitants. Visit Marksman Bixon and help with this problem.
[Marksman] BixonNo Requirements
item Undecided
3-8Pleas of Pixies
Many keltir and wolves have grown unusually large in the Elven Forest, and are now breaking the rules of nature by devouring nesting birds! The Pixy Queen is preparing some special magic to deal with them.
Pixy MurikaElf
item Undecided
3-9Bring Wolf Pelts
Sir Windawood has ordered the newly-appointed Archon to form a militia to improve security on the island. He has placed a large order for leather armor from Trader Lector. Gather wolf pelts to help secure peace on Talking Island!
[Weapon Merchant] LectorNo Requirements
item Undecided
3-9Keen Claws
Trader Payne, a famous maker of arrowheads, has developed a unique arrow that uses a wolf claw as its arrowhead! It is most effective in siege situations. Recently he was asked by Sir Kiel Nighthawk to make hooked arrows from wolf claws. In order to make the arrows in time, he needs someone to help
[Armor Merchant] PayneNo Requirements
item Undecided
4-8Proof of Valor
Are you a real Orc Fighter or just a wannabe? Prove yourself!
[Praetorian] RukainOrc
item Undecided
4-8Revenge of the Redbonnet
As a child, Maryse Redbonnet narrowly escaped being eaten by wolves. Her family was not so lucky. She has sworn revenge on all wolves!
Maryse RedbonnetNo Requirements
item Undecided
4-9Wrath of Verdure
Treant Bremec, a spirit of the forest, is being tormented by wicked little goblins who recently invaded and began logging his forest. He asks for help in restoring peace to his beloved woods.
Treant BremecElf
item Undecided
5-16Wrath of Ancestors
Those impudent goblin grave robbers have insulted the ancient spirits for the last time! There's no longer any reason to put up with their insolence! Let them now taste Orcish steel!
[Seer] LivinaOrc
item 1500
5-18Brigands Sweep
Convoys of the Golden Wheel Guild have recently come under daring attacks from goblin bandits. For the sake of Maphr, this outrage must be avenged! Let's give those goblins a dose of Dwarven justice!
[Golden Wheel's] SpironDwarf
item Undecided
6+Head for the Hills!
Now that Kamael Island is open, influx of logistics and people into the island have increased. They say that there are more and more monsters on the path to the Golden Hill in Kamael Island, which has been used as a transportation route. Defeat the monsters and secure the path to the Golden Hill.
[Zerstorer] MarcelaNo Requirements
item Undecided
6-11Bonds of Slavery
Our former slaves, the Imps, managed to escape while we were distracted by the war. It's time we teach those ungrateful wretches that no one escapes the Dark Elves!
[Sentry] KristinDark Elf
item Undecided
6-14Invaders of the Holy Land
Imps are invading the Immortal Platea the ancestral Orcish homeland! Those impetus and foolish imps don't stand a chance against us! In the sacred name of Pa'agrio, the Lord of Flame, arise, Orc warriors! Drive this scourge from our land!
[Atuba Chief] VarkeesOrc
item Undecided
item Undecided
6-15The Hidden Veins
Elder Filaur, an expert in the construction and mining business, has learned that Otuk Orcs have recently discovered a long-lost chrysolite mine.
[Gray Pillar Member] FilaurDwarf
item Undecided
item Undecided
6-16The Guard is Busy
The plan to move the people of Gludio to Talking Island has been announced. But still there are too many Monsters in the Island.
[Captain] GilbertNo Requirements
item Undecided
item Undecided
6-16Orc Hunting
The Kaboo Orcs in the Misty Mountains have begun attacking the Elven Forest. They've even infiltrated the village under the very eyes of the guards! All brave Elves who can help are asked to report to Sentinel Rayen!
[Sentinel] RayenElf
item Undecided
8-13Collect Spores
The Sea of Spores was created by an evil magic set loose in the Great War over 2000 years ago! The evil poison has endured through the millenni and even now is crossing the mountains, making its way straight towards the Elven Forest! The Elves are frantically trying to find a way to stop it.
[Grocer] HerbielNo Requirements
item 3500
8-16Trade with the Ivory Tower
Trader Vollodos, who's had extensive dealing with the Mystics of the Ivory Tower, tells you that lately many Mystics are looking for fungus spores. He offers you a reward if you'll bring him fungus spores. He tells you that you can obtain spores by slaying spore fungi in the Dark Forest. Hunt green
[Grocer] VollodosNo Requirements
item 3000
8-16Orc Subjugation
Our former slaves, the Balor Orcs, have dared to defy us! Now they're hiding in the mountains! Arise, warriors of Shilen, and teach our former slaves a lesson!
[Sentry] KayleenDark Elf
item Undecided
9-18Skirmish with the Werewolves
The fiendish Maraku Werewolves will pay for murdering a messenger of the Lord of Flame! In the name of Pa'agrio, kill them all!
[Prefect] BrukurseOrc
item 3500
10-14Collect Arrowheads
Master Minia is a collector of odd weapons from diverse cultures. She has recently begun collecting the weaponry of Turak Orcs, native to Talking Island.
[Master] MiniaNo Requirements
item 1000
item 2000
10-16Covert Business
The Bronze Key Guild has dealt in rare ingredients for millennia. They're looking for someone to hunt bats for an important client.
[Bronze Key's] KeefDwarf
item 600
item Undecided
10-18Bones Tell the Future
Tetrarch Kaitar predicts the future with dead men's bones. He foresees an approaching darkness that threatens to destroy all the races! He needs a secret ingredient containing awesome death energy to fully understand the prophecy.
[Tetrarch] KaitarDark Elf
item 8470
11-15Dark Winged Spies
The time has come for the traitor Baranka to pay for his crimes. Destroy the darkwing bats who spy on the tribes of the kingdom.
[Neruga Chief] TantusOrc
item 4550
11-15Dreaming of the Skies
Arin of the Black Anvil Guild has long dreamed of flying, and is now studying the ancient technology of the Titans in pursuit of his goal. But he must first find a monster with a floating stone.
[Black Anvil's] ArinNo Requirements
item 500
item Undecided
11-18Muertos Feather
Merchant Trevor asks you to bring him Muertos's Feathers from Mimir's Forest.
[Accessory Merchant] TrevorNo Requirements
item Undecided
11-18Scent of Death
A bit of ground-up corpse skin is essential for growing nightshade.
[Accessory Merchant] MinalessNo Requirements
item 3350
item 1
12+Go Get the Calculator
Isn't it said that insanity always lies at the heart of genius? Blacksmith Brunon dreams of being first to visit the moon, but must have something first.
[Blacksmith] BrunonNo Requirements
item Undecided
15+Traces of Evil
Many creatures near the Orc Village are being contaminated and dying because of Kash the evil spirit of decay and death. This also includes the animals that are sacred to the tribes of Orc Village, and it is causing great distress among the Orc tribes. Trade Kunai of the Duda-Mara Orc tribe intends
[Armor Merchant] KunaiNo Requirements
item 2474
item 8738
item 409
15+The Few, The Proud, The Brave
Vice Hierarch Perwan ordered you to kill Crimson Spiders in Mimir's Forest and bring their claws as proof.
[Vice Hierarch] PerwanNo Requirements
item Undecided
15+Bard's Mandolin
Music is the most beautiful form of expression! A certain young man, shy and blinded by love, knows this all too well.
[Bard] SwanNo Requirements
item 10000
item 1
15+Sorrowful Sound of Flute
Music is the most beautiful form of expression! Even a certain lady of nobility with exquisite taste is helpless in its embrace!
[Musician] NanarinNo Requirements
item 1
15+Jovial Accordion
Music is the most beautiful form of expression! This musician, who calls himself a master of tunes, is looking desperately for someone who will play tunes together…
[Musician] BarbadoNo Requirements
item Undecided
15-21Request from the Farm Owner
Edmond and his friend Marius want to build a ranch on Talking Island, but giant spiders are killing their livestock…
EdmondNo Requirements
item Undecided
15-21Collector's Dream
Alshupes, an amateur zoologist, has a particular interest in the skins and claws of rare animals. He pays a reward to whoever brings him the legs of the giant mutant spiders that lurk near the village.
AlshupesNo Requirements
item 1000
item 2000
15-21Totem of the Hestui
The gray bear totem, longtime guardian of the Hestui Tribe, is under attack from the forces of the evil spirit Kasha! Save the gray bear totem from its grisly fate!
[Seer] TanapiOrc
item 1
item 1
15-21Gatekeeper's Offering
Gatekeeper Tamil must make an offering to a totem of spider in order to complete his teleportation studies at the Ivory Tower.
[Gatekeeper] TamilNo Requirements
item 2
15-21Tarantula's Spider Silk
The Silver Scale Guild has received a special order for 20 spider silk outfits from the King of Elmore. They are for the emissaries to Aden and must be of the highest quality. Mion, a tailor at the guild, is frantic. He's short of both time and materials!
[Grocer] MionRing of Raccoon or Ring of Firefly
item Undecided
15-21Gatekeeper's Favor
Since Gatekeeper Wirphy began using the technology of the ancient Titans, he's had more business than he can handle! Now he's in need of some special ingredients to recharge his energy source.
[Gatekeeper] WirphyNo Requirements
item 2
15-26Grim Collector
Legend says that there is someone who collects bits and pieces of undead things. What could he be thinking?
[Guard] CurtisNo Requirements
item Undecided
17-21Subjugation of Lizardmen
Whilst beset from all directions, yet another force has begun threatening Gludio! Lizardmen have begun looting and pillaging throughout the land! Destroy them and restore the peace!
[Guard] WeiszNo Requirements
item Undecided
17-23Fabulous Feathers
Nouveau Chic Kamael Village! Lavish accessories made from native Muertos Feathers are said to be all the rage in the capital city.
[Weapon Merchant] ErinuNo Requirements
item 4160
17-23Crystals of Fire and Ice
Hidden deep within the Elven Ruins are rare relics, once used in rituals honoring the ancient spirits of water and fire. Destroy the evil that guards them and retrieve the priceless relics!
[Grocer] KaterinaNo Requirements
item Undecided
18+Invention Ambition
Inventor Maru dreams of becoming an amazing inventor, just like Soren, the inventor of the Soulshot. But he is having trouble with his current energy conversion device experiment because he doesn't have enough energy ore ingredients...
Inventor MaruNo Requirements
item Undecided
18-23Catch the Wind
Lireins are wind spirits, and can quickly stir up quite a storm! Within their bodies you'll find soulstone wind shards, good for a variety of purposes!
RizraellNo Requirements
item Undecided
18-23Sweetest Venom
Dark Elves are very fond of dreviant wine, a drink made from the venom of spiders. Astaron, a master brewer, offers to make some for you if you'll bring him the ingredients he needs.
AstaronNo Requirements
item 5810
18-24Destroy Plague Carriers
The Elves have never forgiven the ratmen for introducing plague into their sacred Elven Forest. Not to mention their unholy alliance with the Dark Elves that resulted in the deaths of thousands of Elves! Master Ellenia is recruiting volunteers to destroy the filthy beasts.
[Master] ElleniaElf
item Undecided
20+In Search of Fragments of Dimension
You need a Dimensional Fragment in order to temporarily stay within the Dimensional Rift. Get as many Dimensional Fragments as possible.
Not definedNo Requirements
item Undecided
20+Into the Dimensional Rift
Destroy all of the monsters within the Dimensional Rift. The number of teleports are limited, so you must work quickly!
Not definedNo Requirements
item Undecided
20-24Hunting for Wild Beasts
The salmon returned to the river as quick as lightning! Grocer Pano rushed to sell fishing supplies, but unforeseen problems threaten his very existence.
[Grocer] PanoNo Requirements
item 3710
20-25Fantasy Wine
Fathers would brave the fires of hell for their daughters! Guard Harlan of Dion is no exception.
[Guard] HarlanNo Requirements
item Undecided
20-30Grand Feast
Chief Warehouse Keeper Lansfo has taken care of the warehouse at Dion for 40 years. Now he's been offered the promotion of a lifetime!
[Warehouse Chief] RanspoCompletion of the Fantasy Wine, Adept of Taste and Bring out the Flavor of Ingredients quests
item Undecided
item Undecided
20-33Grave Robber Annihilation
Karuda says that the vengeful spirits are increasing because of the grave robbers' activities and asks you to eliminate the grave robbers.
KarudaNo Requirements
item Undecided
20-75Yoke of the Past
The Gatekeeper Ziggurat, who longs to become Human again, asks you to slay the guardians and collect the scrolls of ancient magic.
Not definedNo Requirements
item 1
21+Making the Harvest Grounds Safe
Secure the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds so the masons can work safely.
[Warehouse Keeper] NormanNo Requirements
item Undecided
21-30Vanquish Remnants
The Black Lion Mercenaries are seeking volunteers to help rid the kingdom of the last of the filthy Gracian invaders! After their humiliating defeat, most of the Gracians returned home, but a few stragglers stayed behind to loot and pillage. Stand with the Black Lion against the filthy invaders!
LeopoldNo Requirements
item Undecided
21-32Sense for Business
Legends speak of a hidden treasure in the Wastelands. How could such a desolate place hold treasure?
[Trader] SarienNo Requirements
item Undecided
24-29Bring Out the Flavor of Ingredients!
Dion is always packed for its monthly cooking contest. One magister who likes to cook plans to embarrass the other cooks with his expert technique!
[Magister] RollantNo Requirements
item 1
24-34Adept of Taste
Chef Jonas' dream has always been to return to his hometown a world-class chef. He plans to enter a royal competition, which will be judged by none other than Magister Mirien, a notoriously finicky eater! What ever shall he prepare?
JonasNo Requirements
item Undecided
25-34Lizardmen's Conspiracy
The Maille Lizardmen slowly and menacingly approach the castle. Their secret power will soon be revealed.
[Guard] PragaNo Requirements
item 42000
25-34Recover the Farmland
All that awaited the farmers returning home from the long war were burned land and evil barbarians!
PioturNo Requirements
item Undecided
25-37Collector of Jewels
Magister Nell wants to know the connection between the soul stone found at the Elven Ruins on Talking Island and the one found at the Forgotten Temple. And that's not her only question!
[Magister] NellNo Requirements
item Undecided
25-39Hunt of the Black Lion
Evil spirits have taken advantage of Aden's weakness after the Gracian War to wreak havoc all over the kingdom. The Lords from each territory have called upon the Black Lion Mercenaries to drive the evil spirits away.
[Mercenary Captain] SophyaBlack Lion Mark
item Undecided
item Undecided
26+Runaway Youth
When you meet a Fisherman's son who ran away because he didn't want to be part of the family business, convince him to return home.
[Runaway Youth] IvanNo Requirements
item 2883
26+I'd Rather Be Collecting Fairy Breath
Collect the breath of Wind Sylph, the wind fairy, on Windy Hill.
[High Summoner] GalateaNo Requirements
item Undecided
28-42An Elder Sows Seeds
The forbidden Spellbook, used to protect against the devil Beleth, immediately transformed the once-fertile land south of Aden into a barren wasteland. Now, at last, Elder Casian has hopes of rekindling life there.
[Elder] CasianNo Requirements
item 3600
30+The Wishing Potion
Alchemist Matild has long tried to create a mysterious potion. She recently discovered a book containing the recipe and asks you to bring it to her. She gives you a book of alchemy that shows the directions to the secret keeper tree.
[Alchemist] MatildNo Requirements
item 1
30+A Looter and a Railroad Man
Railroad Worker Obi in the Plunderous Plains is plagued by incessant bandit attacks. Help him!
[Railroad Worker] ObiNo Requirements
item 21698
30+Aiding the Floran Village
The Floran Village is a farmers' commune. The village has been growing, but needs some extra help these days.
MariaNo Requirements
item Undecided
31-36Birthday Party Song
The beautiful weather has inspired Melody Maestro Octavia to finish a musical birthday piece. Will you help her to store it?
[Melody Maestro] OctaviaNo Requirements
item 25
32-36Black Swan
The cargo belonging to the Commercial Guild of Iason Heine has been stolen by Tasaba Lizardmen. Slay the Tasaba Lizardmen and bring back their fangs or the barrels of league that were stolen.
[Captain] GostaNo Requirements
item Undecided
32-39Arrow of Vengeance
Land Dragon Antharas has destroyed every corner of Aden Empire for years. Today, there is a man who burns for revenge after losing his family to Antharas.
[Guard] BeltonNo Requirements
item Undecided
33-38Curiosity of a Dwarf
Dwarves are naturally curious, but Rolento is even more curious than most! He's looking for some like-minded individuals to join him.
[Trader] RolentoNo Requirements
item Undecided
34-39Leto Lizardmen Hunting
Defeat the Leto Lizardmen that have increased suddenly!
[Guard] RathNo Requirements
item Undecided
34-40Gather Ingredients for Pie
To make a special pie for this weekend's banquet, help Emily collect honey from bees.
EmilyNo Requirements
item Undecided
35-42Method to Raise the Dead
After many hardships, Locksmith Dorothy and her friends succeeded in stealing the treasure of the legendary pirate, Zaken! But what awaited them near the village was the shining fang.
[Locksmith] DorothyNo Requirements
item Undecided
35-59The Song of the Hunter
The Hunter's Guild has a long, romantic history, and has always been in the dreams of youths who seek adventure. Whether they choose to hunt criminals or monsters! It's definitely not an easy task to join the Hunter's Guild.
[Guild Member] GreyNo Requirements
item Undecided
36+Wild Maiden
If you meet Suki, who ran away because she fell in love with a vagabond, convince her to go back home.
[Wild Maiden] SukiNo Requirements
item 2553
36-48Trespassing into the Holy Ground
The Garden of Eva is the holy sanctuary of the Goddess of Water! What are all those evil creatures doing there?!
[Priestess] RestinaNo Requirements
item Undecided
36-49Family Honor
Trader Galibredo claims to have royal blood in his veins. He claims to be a descendant of a distinguished aristocratic family of the ancient Elmoreden Empire. He seeks to regain the glory of the past and restore himself to his rightful place of honor…
[Accessory Merchant] GalibredoNo Requirements
item Undecided
37-47Electrifying Recharge!
All the best discoveries are accidental! What scientific secrets might we learn from the ancient giants?
[Researcher] LorainNo Requirements
item Undecided
38-43Wedding March
Melody Maestro Kantabilon has found the musical score for a wedding march and asks you to get a special echo crystal to contain the song.
[Melody Maestro] KantabilonNo Requirements
item 25
38-49Conquest of Alligator Island
After being driven from their trade routes from Giran to Innadril by the Humans, the Dwarven guild authorities agreed to establish new markets for their goods. However, they may get more than they bargained for.
[Warehouse Keeper] KluckNo Requirements
item Undecided
item Undecided
39+A Broken Dream
The Dwarves of the Sky Wagon Relic eventually went mad. Can they be saved?
Ghost of a Railroad EngineerCompletion of the Ocean of Distant Stars quest
item Undecided
39-44Help Rood Raise A New Pet!
A new, never before seen pet with a noble disposition and elegance has been discovered in the Rest Area of the Animals! What is its true nature?
[Pet Manager] RoodNo Requirements
item Undecided
39-56Devil's Legacy
Pirate Captain Zaken searched for treasure all his life. While he died an untimely death, his curse lives on, on Devil's Isle!
[Warehouse Keeper] RandolfNo Requirements
item Undecided
40-47Alligator Hunter
Giant alligators threaten Innadril! Accessory Merchant Enverun is looking for someone to help him capture some the beasts.
[Accessory Merchant] EnverunNo Requirements
item Undecided
40-47Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower
The long-sought-after mineral, Nebulite, was used by the ancient giants as a magic amplifier. A secret mission is underway to secure a supply of it.
[Magic Trader] CemaHuman Wizard, Elven Wizard, Dark Wizard, Sorcerer's, Necromancer, Warlock, Spellsinger, Elemental Su
item Undecided
40-51Signs of Revolt
Torrant says that the Ragna Orcs are preparing to revolt and asks you to undermine their fighting power before the troops arrive.
[Beacon Tower Manager] TorrantNo Requirements
item Undecided
40-52Warehouse Keeper's Pastime
Trading is mind-numbing work! Freightmen must make up their own ways to kill time.
[Warehouse Keeper] CliffNo Requirements
item Undecided
40-60Coins of Magic
Who would have thought that coin collecting could lead to such horrific chaos throughout the kingdom? Once you start, you cannot escape its grip. Do you think you can get the 1st Class Coin Collector Membership?
[Warehouse Keeper] SorintNo Requirements
item Undecided
40-80Enhance Your Weapon
The unknown shadow of darkness is coming. Many Magisters and Maestros have been recruiting volunteers to form a united front against the coming dark days. They have developed methods of strengthening weaponry as a way of empowering individual member of their forces.
Not definedNo Requirements
item Undecided
42-50Treasure Hunt
The legendary Pirate Captain Zaken left many legends and even more bodies in his wake! One story tells of his treasure, and it seems to be the one most people want to hear. Trader Espen can tell you more!
[Armor Merchant] EspenPirate's Treasure Map
item Undecided
43-51Dig Up the Sea of Spores!
The Wizards of the Ivory Tower have sought to stem the spread of the Sea of Spores since ancient times. Now they want a permanent solution to this problem.
[Magister] GauenNo Requirements
item Undecided
46+An Aged Ex-Adventurer
The aged ex-adventurer left home for some excitement and found serious trouble. If you encounter him during the adventure, help him out.
[Retired Adventurer] TantanNo Requirements
item Undecided
47-57Warehouse Keeper's Ambition
Warehouse Chief Baxt recently announced retirement, and the competition to replace him has already grown fierce among the freightmen.
[Warehouse Keeper] SilvaNo Requirements
item Undecided
48-551000 years, the End of Lamentation
Long ago, brave, sword-wielding warriors left to slay the land dragon, Antharas. Their shining armor and beautiful white horses gleaming in the sun, they headed off into the sunset to confront the beast, never to return.
[Antharas Watchman] GilmoreNo Requirements
item Undecided
item Undecided
48-58Silver Haired Shaman
Devil's Isle is home to the restless spirits of Pirate Captain Zaken and his men. That island holds some ghastly secrets.
[Magister] DieterNo Requirements
item Undecided
50+Seductive Whispers
Blacksmith Wilbert of the Town of Aden is looking for people to play a game very popular among the blacksmiths.
[Blacksmith] WilbertNo Requirements
item Undecided
50-64Audience with the Land Dragon
The land dragon Antharas has rampaged throughout the entire kingdom of Giran since he awoke from his ancient slumber. Gabrielle is looking for a warrior to rid the land of this scourge.
GabrielleNo Requirements
item 1
52-59Plunder Their Supplies
A cemetery where the bodies of heroes, the nobilities and the king are held. The monsters are tarnishing the cemetery while the management of the cemetery has been neglected after the decadence of the empire. It is said there is somebody behind them...
[Guard] ColemanNo Requirements
item Undecided
53-63An Ice Merchant's Dream
Rafforty is collecting Ice Crystals for his guild.
RaffortyNo Requirements
item Undecided
55-60Power of Darkness
Galman spends his time alone in Dragon Valley. Nobody wants to go near him, but he has a story to tell.
[Valley Trader] GalmanNo Requirements
item Undecided
55-60Kail's Magic Coin
Kail, known as the right hand of the devil Beleth, had a habit of making weird coins. There is a certain collector who collects no others.
[Head Blacksmith] VergaraRoyal Membership
item Undecided
55-65Let's Become a Royal Member!
The Coin Collectors Club has members from every land! Would you care to take the test to join?
[Warehouse Keeper] SorintCoin Collector Membership - 1, Completion of the Coins of Magic Quest
item 1
56-66Whisper of Dreams - Part 1
A dark chaos is about to descend upon the world! Seer Manakia received a warning in a dream, and is planning a ceremony to try and better understand the coming darkness.
[Seer] ManakiaNo Requirements
item Undecided
57-75Supplier of Reagents
The Ivory Tower is the crowning achievement of our civilization. Research done here will benefit future generations. Magic is the Path of the future!
[Magic Trader] WesleyNo Requirements
item Undecided
58-75Stolen Dignity
The Iron Gate Guild is furious that the infernium ore that it needs to construct a warehouse has been stolen by monsters! They have asked for assistance in recovering the ore.
[Warehouse Keeper] RompNo Requirements
item Undecided
59-71Shrieks of Ghosts
The Tower of Insolence was built with the blood and bones of its many innocent victims. That place is haunted by the souls of those wrongly executed there! Would you pacify them?
[Seer] RevaNo Requirements
item Undecided
59-75Legacy of Insolence
The Tower of Insolence is definitely one of the most marvelous structures in history. The Gray Pillar Guild, expert architects, felt they had to reclaim the inheritance of their Dwarven ancestors' technology.
[Warehouse Keeper] WalderalNo Requirements
item Undecided
60+Awl Under Foot
The Dungeon Monster Elimination Department has had a real headache trying to eliminate the monsters lurking in the Fortress Dungeon, which was established by some forgotten ruler long, long ago. It has become an extremely dangerous place, filled with hidden passages and vicious creatures. Provide as
Not definedNo Requirements
item Undecided
60-67For a Sleepless Deadman
The king's bitterness at his defeat was so great that it even transcended his death! To this day, he wanders his ruined castle.
[High Priest] OrvenNo Requirements
item Undecided
60-71A Dark Twilight
The Hierarch in charge of the Evil Altar asks you to eliminate those who interfere with the activities of his followers.
HierarchNo Requirements
item 100000
item 162773
item 12500
60-71Heart in Search of Power
The Mysterious Necromancer stands morosely near the entrance of the Valley of Saints. He says that he's gathering materials for his research into increased power.
Mysterious NecromancerNo Requirements
item Undecided
60-74Whisper of Dreams - Part 2
Seer Manakia is not able to adequately foresee the coming darkness. He asks for help in acquiring better materials.
[Seer] ManakiaMysterious Stone
item Undecided
60-75An Arrogant Search
Above the Tower of Insolence swirls a mysterious vortex. There the gods have sealed Baium, the arrogant creator of the tower. What can you learn there?
[Magister] HanellinNo Requirements
item Undecided
60-80Into the Flames
You'll need a set of floating stones to enter the Flame Pass within the Forge of the Gods.
[Watcher of Valakas] KleinNo Requirements
item 1
61-80A Game of Cards
Warehouse Chief Klump of the Town of Aden spends most of his time playing cards. The word is that anyone who can beat him will win a generous prize.
[Warehouse Chief] KlumpNo Requirements
item Undecided
63-67Illegitimate Child of the Goddess
Dark Elves think of Shilen as their mother, as she may well be, but children born of such lunacy are bound to cast a dark shadow.
[Grand Master] OltranNo Requirements
item Undecided
63-77Necromancer's Request
The Necromancer in the Forest of the Dead asks you to destroy the vampires that are interfering with his collection of magic materials.
Mysterious WizardNo Requirements
item 120000
65-73In the Forgotten Village
The Forgotten Village inside the Forest of the Dead. The people here are constantly harassed by undead and Dark Mages. Help them!
MinaNo Requirements
item 25000
66+The Zero Hour
Mercenary Captain Pierce located the Stakato Nest and committed all his troops there in order to finish the arduous battle.
[Mercenary] KahmanCompletion of the In Search of the Nest quest
item 1
66-78Hunt of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force
The Golden Ram Mercenary Force is currently recruiting! This prestigious mercenary force is currently carrying out the mission of subjugating/driving out stakatos from the Swamp of Screams.
[Mercenary] KahmanNo Requirements
item Undecided
66-80Clean up the Swamp of Screams
Pierce, captain of the Golden Ram Mercenary Force has assigned to you the task of driving out stakatos. You must go to the Swamp of Screams to carry out this mission.
[Mercenary Captain] PierceGolden Ram Badge - Recruit or Golden Ram Badge - Soldier
item Undecided
68-73Egg Delivery
Chef Jeremy is looking for someone to deliver boiled eggs to his customers.
[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
item Undecided
68-73Specialty Liquor Delivery
Chef Jeremy is looking for someone to deliver special liquor to his customers.
[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
item Undecided
68-75Shadow of Light
When Daimon the White-Eyed tries to control the monsters here, the Eye of Argos sought soldiers to defeat him.
Eye of ArgosNo Requirements
item Undecided
item Undecided
item Undecided
item Undecided
70+Blade Under Foot
The Castle Dungeon was established by a forgotten ruler long ago, but the monsters lurking within it are giving the current warden a real headache. Vicious creatures roam the prison's many passages, and the warden is ready to reward anyone who can provide assistance.
Not definedNo Requirements
item Undecided
70+Influx of Machines
The Collector Gutenhagen wants to clear the Pavel Ruins of Golems in order to research them.
[Collector] GutenhagenNo Requirements
item Undecided
70+I Must Be a Genius
Collector Gutenhagen has found out that the Golems in Pavel Ruins are evolving. Gutenhagen wants you to collect logs of the Golems transmissions to figure out how they are evolving. 
[Collector] GutenhagenNo Requirements
item Undecided
item Undecided
70+Light within the Darkness
4 investigators are being held in the Rim Pailaka and must be rescued.
Not definedNo Requirements
item 152
71-78Watching Eyes
The Eye of Argos asks you to kill the disciples that are making its life miserable.
Eye of ArgosNo Requirements
item Undecided
71-78The Finest Food
Chef Jeremy asks you to gather the ingredients so he can develop a special regional dish.
[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
item Undecided
73-78Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1
The Eye of Argos asks you to destroy the gigantic eye born of his dark side.
Eye of ArgosNo Requirements
item 1
73-78Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 2
The Eye of Argos gives you a bead of summoning and asks you to destroy Daimon the White-Eyed.
Eye of ArgosCompletion of Daimon the White-Eyed - Part 1 quest. Unfinished Bead of Summoning
item Undecided
73-80The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
Chef Jeremy asks you to gather ingredients to attract Icicle Emperor Bumbalump, the king of yetis, so you can get some excellent yeti meat.
[Chef] JeremyNo Requirements
item Undecided
73-80The Finest Ingredients - Part 2
Chef Jeremy asks you to gather ingredients to attract Icicle Emperor Bumbalump, the king of yetis, so you can get some excellent yeti meat.
[Chef] JeremyCompletion of the The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 quest, Soy Sauce Jar
item Undecided
73-80Truth Beyond the Gate
The Priest Eliyah in the Rune Township knows how to get into the Temple of the Pagans.
[Priest] EliyahNo Requirements
item 1
73-80Through the Gate Once More
The Priest Flauron seems like he has something to ask the person who bears the Faded Visitor's Mark.
[Priest] FlauronFaded Visitor's Mark
item 1
73-80Seekers of the Holy Grail
High Priest Innocentin of the Rune Township is trying to prevent the pagans from capturing the Grail of Splendor.
[High Priest] InnocentinNo Requirements
item Undecided
73-80Guardians of the Holy Grail
Priest Dominic of the Rune Township is trying to obtain something hidden in the Monastery of Silence.
[Priest] DominicNo Requirements
item Undecided
74-80Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Messenger Wahkan asks you to be an ally of Ketra Orcs and join them in fighting Varka Silenos, the sworn enemy of Ketra Orcs.
[Ketra's Messenger] WahkanNo Requirements
item Undecided
74-80Battle against Varka Silenos
Kadun Zu Ketr the chief of Ketra Orcs is looking for a brave fighter who will defeat Varka Silenos, their sworn enemy.
[Hierarch] Kadun Zu KetraMark of Ketra's Alliance - Level 1 or higher
item 20
74-80Magical Power of Water - Part 1
Ketra's Messenger Wahkan assigns to you the mission to steal the source of magical power possessed by the shaman of Varka Silenos, the enemy of Ketra Orcs.
[Ketra's Messenger] WahkanKetra Orc's Alliance - Level 2 or Higher
item 1
item 1
74-80Alliance with Varka Silenos
Naran Ashanuk, Varka's Messenger asks you to become a friend of Varka Silenos and join them in fighting against Ketra Orcs, their sworn enemy.
[Varka's Messenger] Naran AshanukNo Requirements
item Undecided
74-80Battle against Ketra Orcs
Ashas Varka Durai, the hierarch of Varka Silenos, is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra Orcs, the sworn enemy of Varka Silenos.
[Hierarch] Ashas Varka DuraiMark of Varka's Alliance - Level 1 or higher.
item 20
74-80Magical Power of Fire - Part 1
Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk assigns to you the mission to steal the source of magical power possessed by the shaman of Ketra Orcs, the enemy of Varka Silenos.
[Varka's Messenger] Naran AshanukVarka Silenos' Alliance - Level 2 or Higher
item 1
item 1
74-80Gather the Flames
Vulcan is collecting flames in the lower level of the Forge of the Gods. He'll give you a special reward if you defeat all the monsters there and bring him the flames that you collect.
[Blacksmith of Flame] VulcanNo Requirements
item Undecided
74-80Relics of the Old Empire
The Ghost of Adventurer collects relics of the nobles who were killed when they came to the cemetery to pay their respects. Take him 1000 relics and he'll give you a reward.
Ghost of AdventurerNo Requirements
item Undecided
74-80Four Goblets
The Nameless Spirit at the entrance of the Four Sepulchers is collecting 4 goblets which you can get from the Shadow of Halisha inside the Four Sepulchers.
Nameless SpiritNo Requirements
item Undecided
74-80Journey to a Settlement
The Nameless Spirit at the entrance to the Four Sepulchers needs mortal help to pass through the magic force field created by his double.
Nameless SpiritCompletion of the Last Imperial Prince quest
item 1
75+Olympiad Starter
Join the Olympiad and raise to glory!
Grand Olympiad ManagerNoblesse with no record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided
item Undecided
75+Olympiad Veteran
Join the Olympiad and raise to glory!
Grand Olympiad ManagerNoblesse with no record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided
75+Olympiad Undefeated
Join the Olympiad and raise to glory!
Grand Olympiad ManagerNoblesse with no record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided
item Undecided
75+A Powerful Primeval Creature
The discovery of powerful primitive creatures on the Primeval Isle has sparked interest from the magicians, who are curious about the creatures' origin, and from the blacksmiths, who are interested in what items can be crafted from the creatures. Both groups are eager to find adventurers willing to
DinnNo Requirements
item Undecided
75+Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe
The magicians want dinosaur bones for their research, while the native Elrokians need dinosaur bones to help restore the tribe to its former glory. Both groups need an adventurer willing to defeat the dinosaurs and return with the needed bones.
SingsingNo Requirements
item Undecided
75+Defeat the Elrokian Raiders!
Trader Dinn of the Primeval Isle Wharf is anxious because Elrokian raiders are stealing items from the merchants. He promises to give you a reward if you capture the raiders and bring back their necklaces as proof.
DinnNo Requirements
item Undecided
75+How to Oppose Evil
Dilios, the Aide of Keucereus at the Keucereus Alliance Base, has information on how to take care of an emerging threat to Gracia...
[General] DiliosNo Requirements
item Undecided
75+Defeating Dragonkin Remnants
Officer Edric, who was a devoted soldier, has been in charge of managing Dragonkin remnants since he stepped aside from battle fields. Since he's tired of this dull duty, he has come up with a new suggestion to make things more entertaining. That is to have a war with Dragonkin remnants...
[Officer] EdricNo Requirements
item Undecided
75+Guardian of the Skies
Engineer Lekon of the Keucereus Alliance Base is searching for an adventurer who can defeat the Master Rider which wanders around the area and pirating, or attacks soldiers who are coming back from the mission. He said let's take the Master Rider in order to completely eliminate the problem instead
[Engineer] LekonNo Requirements
item Undecided
75+Cursed Life
Soldier Orby who manages the Wharf of Keucereus Alliance Base, is searching for an adventurer who can regain their freedom by destroying monsters which once were idols but have become cursed. These monsters are said to swallow anyone nearby...
[Soldier] OrbyuNo Requirements
item Undecided
75-80Prove Your Courage!
You heard the news that Kadun Zu Hestui, the elder of Ketra Orcs, is looking for a warrior who can defeat Shadith, the hero of the Varka Silenos tribe.
[Hierarch] Kadun Zu KetraMark of Ketra's Alliance - Level 3
item 1
75-80Slay the Enemy Commander!
You heard the news that Kadun Zu Hestui, the elder of Ketra Orcs, is looking for a warrior who can defeat Mos, the commander of the Varka Silenos tribe.
[Hierarch] Kadun Zu KetraMark of Ketra's Alliance - Level 4
item 1
75-80Magical Power of Water - Part 2
You must use the totem you stole from the shaman of Varka Silenos to summon the Spirit of Water and slay it.
[Soul Guide] AsefaMark of Ketra's Alliance - Level 2 or Higher. In addition, only a character who has fulfilled the M
item 10000
75-80Prove Your Courage!
Ashas Varka Durai, the hierarch of Varka Silenos, is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra's hero Hekaton.
[Hierarch] Ashas Varka DuraiMark of Varka's Alliance - Level 3
item 1
75-80Slay the Enemy Commander!
Ashas Varka Durai, the hierarch of Varka Silenos, is looking for a fighter who will defeat Ketra's commander Tayr.
[Hierarch] Ashas Varka DuraiMark of Varka's Alliance - Level 4
item 1
75-80Magical Power of Fire - Part 2
You must use the totem you stole from the shaman of Ketra Orcs to summon the Spirit of Water and slay it.
[Soul Guide] Udan MarduiMark of Varka's Alliance - Level 2 or Higher. In addition, only a character who has fulfilled the M
item 10000
75-82Break Through the Hall of Suffering
Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity is searching for an adventurer who can defeat the undead twin death knights who stand guard at the Hall of Suffering.
[Officer] TepiosNo Requirements
item 1
item 1
item Undecided
75-82Defend the Hall of Suffering
Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity is searching for an adventurer who can stop the attempt of undead corps to revive their power by retrieving the Hall of Suffering, which is occupied by adventurers.
[Officer] TepiosNo Requirements
item 1
item Undecided
76+How Lavasauruses Are Made
A method to assemble a totem containing a dragon's power has been discovered. They say that it requires Lavasaurus fragments...
[Blacksmith of Wind] RooneyNo record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided
76+Matras' Suspicious Request
Matras says that he will be passing the Base Tower on his way to the Steel Citadel, and he has asked you to distract the guards so that he can pass more easily.
MatrasNo Requirements
item Undecided
77+Attack Sailren!
At the Elroki chief's camp on the Primeval Isle, Asamah asks you to help save the Elroki tribe from an impending danger. To do so, you must defeat Sailren, a fearsome dinosaur of incredible power.
Shilen's Stone StatueCompletion of The Name of Evil - 2 quest
item 1
78+Jude's Request
Jude is interested in the weapons of the monsters in the Anomic Foundry. He's looking for an adventurer who can bring him the Evil Weapons.
JudeNo Requirements
item Undecided
78+Proof of Existence
War Mage Artius of the Keucereus Alliance Base worries that the morale of the entire army has been lowered because soldiers who went near the Seed of Infinity on a shift claim that they saw a monster. Thus, he's searching for an adventurer who can take care of this matter...
[War Mage] ArtiusNo Requirements
item Undecided
78+A Trap for Revenge
Soldier Plenos of the Keucereus Alliance Base asks to hunt the Variant Drake Wing and his subordinate Drakes which appear over the skies of Seed of Destruction. But he says one cannot catch the Variant Drake Wing with an ordinary method since it is too smart...
[Soldier] PlenosNo Requirements
item Undecided
79+Control Device of the Giants
The Dwarf Adventurer Droph, who is exploring the interior of the Giant's Cave, wants to defeat Hekaton Prime and to resume the cave exploration work. For this, you must defeat Hekaton Prime, who rules over all the giants in the cave...
[Dwarf Adventurer] DrophNo Requirements
item 1
79+Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1
Dwarf Sobling solved the puzzle of the past and revealed the truth. There's still something else he needs to do at the Giant's Cave.
[Head Researcher] SoblingNo Requirements
item Undecided
79+Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2
Sobling's efforts are finally starting to pay off. However, he says that there is still room for improvement.
[Head Researcher] SoblingDictionary of Ancient Languages: Intermediate Level
item Undecided
80+Expulsion of Evil Spirits
Sergeant Chairen in the Den of Evil is seeking an adventurer who will defeat the Ragna Orcs, who have become stronger by the power of evil and are threatening the Orc Amulet...
ChairenNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Take Advantage of the Crisis!
Gray Pillar Member Filaur in the Dwarven Village is worried about the recent appearance of powerful monsters in the Mithril Mines. If you defeat the monsters and collect the proof, he will give you a reward on behalf of the guild.
[Gray Pillar Member] FilaurNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Ghosts of Batur
The vengeful spirits are increasing because of the grave robbers' activities, and Karuda needs help preventing something evil from happening.
KarudaNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Reclaim Our Era
With the rise of Shilen's moon, the monsters have become more violent, and terror can be felt throughout the continent. The Lord of Rune is urging adventurers to gather at the subjugation areas for the eradication of the monsters. He wants to show the unyielding tenacity of the humans... That challe
[Captain] MathiasNo record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided
80+Conquer the Hall of Erosion
Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity is searching for an adventurer who can defeat Cohemenes, the Gatekeeper of the Hall of Erosion.
[Officer] TepiosNo Requirements
item 1
80+Defend the Hall of Erosion
Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity says that the Seed is gradually recovering from the Hall of Erosion. He is searching for an adventurer who can stop an attack on the Sprout of Life in order to regain power.
[Officer] TepiosNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Block the Lord's Escape
Officer Tepios at the Seed of Infinity explains that the undead are trying to revive Ekimus in order to activate the entire Seed. He is looking for an adventurer who can stop Ekimus from being resurrected by eliminating the undead in the Heart of Infinity.
[Officer] TepiosNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Grave Robber Rescue
Kanemik the Grave Robber Leader, asks you to help him gather the Grave Robber Warriors who used to wander the Mithril Mines area before it was overcome by evil energy, and to have them escape from that place.
[Grave Robber Leader] KanemikaNo record of having completed this quest today
item 65000
80+Lucien's Altar
Priest of the Earth Daichir in Maphr's Temple of the Dwarven Village has learned that the power of the barrier in Lucien's Altar has grown weaker. So in order to maintain the power of the barrier, he is seeking an adventurer for a special mission in his stead.
[Priest of the Earth] DaichirNo record of having completed this quest today
item 255380
80+Wings of Sand
Killed by Antharas and soul ripped from body, this spirit now lingers near Dragon Valley and the entrance to Antharas's cave. They cannot remember who they were or what their previous life was. Only the pursuit of enacting revenge on Antharas is what keeps this Separated Soul in existence. Antharas
Separated SoulNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Don't Know, Don't Care
After losing its life to Antharas's attack, it's soul was ripped from its living body making it a Separated Soul. It cannot even remember its name. But as luck would have it, from that point on, it begins to feel revenge toward the monsters in Antharas's Cave who have become notorious among the adve
Separated SoulNo Requirements
item Undecided
80+Hope within the Darkness
4 investigators are being held in the Rim Pailaka and must be rescued.
Not definedNo Requirements
item 159
81+Only What Remains
Bounty Hunter Kintaijin, who is staying near the Stakato Nest, asks you to hunt the Spike Stakatos in the nest and to collect the mysterious items.
[Bounty Hunter] KintaijinI'm the Only One You Can Trust quest in Progress
item Undecided
item Undecided
82+The One Who Ends Silence
Priest Greymore, who infiltrated the Monastery of Silence, is looking for adventurers to defeat the monks in the Monastery of Silence by order of Priest Dominic of Rune Village…
[Priest] GreymoreCompletion of the Secret Mission quest
item Undecided
82+Home Security
Beast Herder Tunatun is having a problem with the Sel Mahum Farm Bandits and Ravagers that are attacking his herd.
[Beast Herder] TunatunNo Requirements
item Undecided
82+Target of Opportunity
Jerian, who is at the entrance to the Steel Citadel, says that anyone who wants to face the Duke Prince and Ranku on the 5th and the 10th floor should listen to him.
JerianNo Requirements
item 1
item 1
82+Figuring It Out!
There is a secret to adapt to the poison of the Plains of Lizardmen hidden in the blood of Tanta Lizardmen. Investigator Laki wants to unveil that secret.
[Investigator] LakiNo Requirements
item Undecided
82+Handle With Care
Researcher Ankumi says you can get the high-quality lizard scale from the Seer Ugoros, but it seems there is another way to get an even better one.
[Researcher] AnkumiNo Requirements
item Undecided
82+No More Soup For You
Guard Pinaps of Oren Village thinks that the salmon porridge made in the Sel Mahum Training Grounds will boost his morale and tries to stop the others from eating it.
[Guard] StanCompletion of It Smells Delicious! Quest
item Undecided
82+Threat Removal
Guard Stan of Oren Village thinks the Sel Mahum trained at Sel Mahum Training Grounds could be dangerous and wants to get rid of them.
[Guard] PinapsNo Requirements
item Undecided
82+Reed Field Maintenance
Katensa of the Helvetica Research Facility is trying to begin development in the Fields of Silence and Whispers. He is seeking out those who would be willing to remove the Mucrokians that inhabit the area.
[Workman] KatensaNot participating in the For a Good Cause quest
item Undecided
82+For a Good Cause
Elf and apprentice Atra in the Ritual Site of Purge are worried about the changes taking place lately in the reed fields area of Innadril. As such, he is seeking skilled adventurers who will hunt the Mucrokians in the reed field area...
[Apprentice] AtraNot participating in the Reed Field Maintenance quest
item Undecided
82+Delicious Top Choice Meat
Beast Farm used to the largest producer of the finest meat around. However, with no one to raise the animals they have grown out of control and the Beast Farm no longer produces the quality they once did.
[Beast Herder] TunatunNo Requirements
item Undecided
82+Take Your Best Shot
If you want to go to see Seer Ugoros of the Tant you must first be given permission by Chief Investigator Johnny to pass Gatekeeper Batracos.
[Chief Investigator] JohnnyNo Requirements
item 1
82+Lost and Found
Save the youngster Gumiel who got lost in the Monastery of Silence.
[Treasure Seeker] GumielNo Requirements
item 1
82+Perfect Form
Keleia in Beast Farm is looking for the best adventurers in Aden.  Can you handle the challenge?
KelleyiaNo Requirements
item Undecided
82+Rumble in the Base
Guard Stan of Oren Village heard Pinaps saying he's worried about the threat of Sel Mahum and decided he'd help.
[Guard] StanCompletion of It Smells Delicious! quest
item 224784
item 342528
83+The Call of Antharas
There is an item that takes you directly to the Heart of Warding...
[Antharas Watchman] TheodricNo record of having completed this quest today
item 1
83+Refined Dragon Blood
There are two types of dragon blood. If you purify them, you will see an amazing effect...
Separated SoulNo Requirements
item Undecided
83+The Call of Valakas
There is a scroll that teleports you very close to the Hall of Flames.
[Watcher of Valakas] KleinNo record of having completed this quest today
item 1
84+Dragon Trophy - Antharas
Who can defeat the land dragon... The one who can complete such a feat will earn glory that rises to the sky...
[Antharas Watchman] TheodricNo Requirements
item 30
84+Dragon Trophy - Valakas
Who can defeat the fire dragon... The one who can complete such a feat will earn glory that rises to the sky...
[Watcher of Valakas] KleinNo Requirements
item 30
84+Finding the Lost Soldiers
Officer Jakan is looking for lost soldiers who may be marooned in the Seed of Annihilation.
[Officer] JakanCompletion of Seed of Annihilation Quest, No record of having completed this quest today
item 95200
item 435024
item 50366
84+Not Strong Enough Alone
A Gracian Soldier Klemis, who's been staying at the dock of Seed of Annihilation, is looking for a method to mitigate the power of the Seed.  As such, he seeks an Adventurer who will get rid of the monsters that infest it…
[Officer] KlemisCompletion of Seed of Annihilation Quest, No record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided
84+Completely Lost
They say there are numerous wounded soldiers wandering around inside the Seed of Annihilation.  An enterprising adventurer may be just what they need to help them find a way out.
Injured SoldierNo record of having completed this quest today
item Undecided

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