High Five

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LevelsName, descriptionNPCRestrictionsReward
0+A Grand Plan for Taming Wild Beasts
The clan that can best tame the wild beasts can obtain a clan hall.
MessengerClan Leader, Clan Level 4 and above, 1 hour before the Clan Hall War
item 1
0+Repent Your Sins
The Black Judge gives sinners a chance for redemption. Will you follow the path of penitence, sinner? Be warned, it is sure to be filled with trials and tribulations!
Black JudgePK Counter Above 1
item Undecided
0+Proof of Clan Alliance
The winds of destiny have brought you to this place! The chaotic chronicle must cease! When we accomplish this, our clan will be stronger than ever! Arise!
Sir Kristof RodemaiClan Leader, Clan Level 3
item 1
item 120000
0+Pursuit of Clan Ambition!
Sir Gustav Athebaldt has grave concerns about the future of the kingdom. He wants nothing more than to help the young and courageous leaders to bring peace to the land! If you join forces with him in the Town of Oren, he'll give you a proof of expectation, increasing the power of the clan!
Sir Gustav AthebaldtClan Leader, Clan Level 4
item 1
item 250000
0+Competition for the Bandit Stronghold
A holy war has broken out over the position of Oel Mahum chief of the Bandit Stronghold! The competition has become so fierce that it's been opened up to outsiders!
MessengerClan Leader, Clan Level 4 and above, 1 hour before the Clan Hall War
item 1
0+A Clan's Reputation
Sir Eric Rodemai in the Town of Aden is looking for a brave adventurer to raise the clan's reputation.
Sir Eric RodemaiClan Leader, Clan Level 5 and above
item Undecided
0+A Clan's Fame
Grand Magister Valdis of Rune Township is looking for a powerful clan that can enhance the clan's prestige.
[Grand Magister] ValdisClan Leader, Clan Level 6 and above
item Undecided
0+A Clan's Prestige
Grand Magister Valdis of Rune Township needs a special ingredient in order to craft weapons and armor for his guards.
[Grand Magister] ValdisClan Leader, Clan Level 5 and above
item Undecided
15+Get a Pet
A pet will be your friend in the most difficult of times. It's not easy to acquire one, however.
[Pet Manager] MartinNo Requirements
item 1
24+Help the Son!
Pet Manager Lundy has a son who is about to become an Adventurer. He says that he'll give you a marvelous gift if you get him a work hammer.
[Pet Manager] LundyNo Requirements
item 1
25+Help the Uncle!
One day his uncle left to start a ranch in the north, and Waters recently got a letter from him! He wants to help his uncle start a new life.
[Pet Manager] WatersNo Requirements
item 1
26+Help the Sister!
While preparing to retire to the country, Cooper got a letter from his sister in which she told him that she intended to become an Adventurer! Cooper wants to buy her a dagger.
[Pet Manager] CooperNo Requirements
item 1
35+Little Wing
Hatchlings are, quite honestly, ugly little creatures! But how else are you to get a strider and wyvern?
[Pet Manager] CooperNo Requirements
item Undecided
45+Little Wing's Big Adventure
Raising a fat, lazy hatchling isn't an easy task! You shall now reap the harvest of your hard work!
[Elder] CronosAt least Hatchling Level 55, One Dragonflute
item Undecided
75+Elrokian Hunter's Proof
On Primeval Isle, where primitive creatures abound, the natives are said to have a special skill for hunting dinosaurs. To learn it, you must first win the trust of these natives.
MarquezNo Requirements
item 1071691
item 1
item 100
item 553524
item 55538

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