High Five

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Into the City of Humans (3-10)

Description: Centurion Petukai who questions the meaning of strength. The place to go to learn about the history of your defeat isвА¶
Start NPC: [Centurion] Petukai
Restrictions: Orc

item Scroll of Escape: Town of Giran  - 1
item Mark of Traveler  - 1

1Centurion's Inquisition
Centurion Petukai, in service to Pa'agrio Lord Kakai, questions the meaning of strength. He asks you to visit Seer Tanapi and get the answer.\
NPC: Seer Tanapi
2To the City of Humans
Seer Tanapi tells you to go to the city of Humans, Giran, to find answers to the questions asked by Orcs. Visit Gatekeeper Tamil.\
NPC: Gatekeeper Tamil


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