High Five

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An Adventure Begins (3-10)

Description: One road is open to all who wish to see the world!
Start NPC: [Gatekeeper] Jasmine
Restrictions: Dark Elf

item Scroll of Escape: Town of Giran  - 1
item Mark of Traveler  - 1

1Secret Revenge
Gatekeeper Jasmine ignores your request and says that you're as reckless as Roselyn was when she was young. Visit Sentry Roselyn to find a solution.\
NPC: Sentry Roselyn
2Roselyn's Revenge
Roselyn is angered by Jasmine's indelicate remark. She asks you to deliver a note containing an important story about Jasmine to Magister Harne.\
NPC: Magister Harne
item 1
3Jasmine's Judgment
Magister Harne has seen the two sisters, Roselyn and Jasmine, fighting for a long time. She asks you to return to Jasmine and deliver her message.\
NPC: Gatekeeper Jasmine


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