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Good Work's Reward (39+)

Description: Blueprint Seller Daeger was supposed to meet his childhood friend Mark, but he still has not arrived. He cannot go looking because they might miss each other, and he asks that if you meet Mark, you should say that he is waiting...
Start NPC: [Blueprint Seller] Daeger
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Question Mark  - Undecided

1Daeger's Favor
Blueprint Seller Daeger tells you that Mark was supposed to come and see him but has not. Daeger asks that if you see Mark, you should tell him to come find him. \
NPC: Mark
2Examine Mark
Fortunately, you defeated the sudden assailant. Examine the fallen Mark to see if he is OK. \
NPC: Mark
3Find the Antidote - 1
Marks says that he has been poisoned, and he asks you to find him the antidote. Go find Daeger and try to obtain the antidote. \
NPC: Daeger
item 1
4Find the Antidote - 2
Daeger laments his own situation, and he asks you to obtain the antidote from Helvetia. \
NPC: Helvetia
item 1
5A Slight Delay
Helvetia says that it will take some time to determine the type of poison. Go back in a little while.\
NPC: Helvetia
6Obtain Some Money
Helvetia asks for 3,000,000 adena in payment for the antidote. Obtain some money before going back. \
NPC: Helvetia
7Obtain the Antidote
You pay Helvetia and obtain the antidote. Return to Mark and feed it to him. \
NPC: Mark
item 1
8To Daeger
Mark has eaten the antidote and is trying to recover his strength. This is a dangerous place, so return to Daeger's location and wait for Mark to come by \
NPC: Daeger
9Waiting for Mark
Daeger says that you will hear the news if you wait just a little. You must recover the cost of the antidote.\
NPC: Daeger
10Searching for the Black Marketeer
Mark has sent word. But instead of coming in person, he instructs you to go find the Black Marketeer of Mammon. Go to see the Black Marketeer.\
NPC: Black Marketeer of Mammon


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