High Five

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Step into the Future (3-10)

Description: Gatekeeper Roxxy speaks of the wonders of the world beyond Talking Island. She fills your heart with hope for adventure!
Start NPC: [Gatekeeper] Roxxy
Restrictions: Human

item Scroll of Escape: Town of Giran  - 1
item Mark of Traveler  - 1

1Helping Hand
You've decided to experience all the adventure this world has to offer, but you can't afford it. Visit Magister Baulro and ask for help.\
NPC: Magister Baulro
2Permission of Archon
Magister Baulro says that he'll help you! He gives you a letter to take to Sir Collin Windawood in the Obelisk of Victory. He says Sir Collin may do you a favor if you ask him nicely.\
NPC: Sir Collin Windawood
item 1
3On to Giran!
Recognizing your youthful vigor and ambition, Sir Collin Windawood agrees to sponsor your trip to Giran. Visit Gatekeeper Roxxy and tell her what Sir Windawood said.\
NPC: Gatekeeper Roxxy


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