High Five

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Linnaeus' Special Bait (60-62)

Description: Fishing Guild Member Linnaeus of Oren asks you to bring him the ingredients he needs to make his special bait. It doesn't catch fish, it doesn't make you popular, but it does find treasure chests!
Start NPC: [Fishing Guild Member] Linnaeus
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Flaming Fishing Lure  - 4

1Crimson Drake Heart
Linnaeus makes a very special bait that catches a very special kind of fish. Don't you want to catch something special? \ \ Monsters to be hunted -Crimson Drakes\
NPC: Seal of Shilen
item 100
2Return to Linnaeus
You have collected the Crimson Drake Hearts Linnaeus told you about. How can you possibly catch fish with this stuff? What will those Humans think of next?\
NPC: Linnaeus
item 100


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