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Lanosco's Special Bait (27-29)

Description: Lanosco asks you to obtain special materials that he needs to make a special bait that will be used to recover a lost box. According to Lanosco, this bait doesn't catch fish, but it can be used to catch a special treasure chest!
Start NPC: [Fishing Guild Member] Lanosco
Restrictions: No Requirements

item Wind Fishing Lure  - 4

1Power of Wind
Lanosco asks you to bring him 100 essences of wind, the special ingredient he needs to make a fishing lure containing the power of wind.\ \ Monsters to be hunted -Singing Winds\
NPC: Windy Hill
item 100
2Obtaining the Essence of Wind
You've collected 100 essences of wind requested by Lanosco. Return to him. \
NPC: Lanosco
item 100


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