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Long live the Pa'agrio Lord! (2-5)

Description: Pa'agrio Lord Kakai, the leader of all the Orcs, is sick! The elders have decided that each tribe will need to deliver a present to him to ensure he has a speedy recovery.
Start NPC: [Centurion] Nakusin
Restrictions: Orc

item Club  - 1
item Adena  - 1850
item Exp  - 4254
item SP  - 335

1Gifts from the Six Tribes
Pa'agrio Lord Kakai, the ruler of all the Orcs, has fallen ill. The Centurions have decreed that each tribe shall offer him gifts to improve his health. Centurion Nakusin asks you to collect the offerings from the six tribes. You must meet with the following tribal representatives:\ \ Tataru Zu Hestui of the dignified Hestui tribe\ Chief Varkees of the cold-blooded Atuba tribe\ Warehouse Keeper Grookin of the formidable Neruga tribe\ Gantaki Zu Urutu of the strong-willed Urutu tribe\ Trader Kunai of the tactical Dudamara tribe\ Trader Uska of the ruthless Gandi tribe.\
item 1
item 1
item 1
item 1
item 1
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2Return to Nakusin
You have collected all of the tributes for Pa'agrio Lord Kakai. Take them to Centurion Nakusin.\
NPC: Centurion Nakusin


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